Saturday, July 25, 2009

Do girls like guys with missing teeth?

Hell No.......What are you going to do, kiss his gum. Not very appealing.

Do girls like guys with missing teeth?
Not really....
Reply:sure. just look for a chick with missing teeth. she'll be all over you.
Reply:nope.. i get easily turned off
Reply:backside only
Reply:Hahaha!!!Good one grumpdawg_06
Reply:I wouldn't have thought so mate. Do you like girls with missing teeth?
Reply:Seeing gaps in the mouth where teeth should be is distracting, and takes away from first impressions. I know it's expensive, but your best investment is in a good set of dentures or a tooth replacement.
Reply:If they judge you from your mouth then it aint worth it anyway. Everyone has a flaw or two somewhere.
Reply:Some of the things that are uaatrrative to women are as unattractive to men as well. do you think a woman with missing teeth is attractive.especially if the age is not there to support that tooth loss.
Reply:good set of teeth is what most women look for first! looks like u **** out of luck lol
Reply:Yeah just keep your mouth closed and when you do talk to her act like you are really shy so she can't really see inside your mouth. Then eventually when she gets really into you then show her your faults by that time she love see past all.
Reply:NO we prefer a guy to have teeth in his mouth. Your smile makes your whole face. Rotten teeth are the worst..ewww
Reply:Actually i knocked a couple of my own teeth out to get dates, and man they were bangin down my door. Seriously man, missing teeth is a sigh of bad oral hygiene, and some one that doesn't take good care of them selves then to be unattractive. Some people can't help it because of their enamel being too thin, or other problems, but I'd say no they don't. But hey if you don't have a winning smile at least ya have a shot with a winning personality lol.(be it this was a matter of having a sense of humor)
Reply:if she likes you for what you are in the inside then looks will not matter. as long as it's not your front teeth that are missing!
Reply:some girls wont care about missing teeth. once they see how nice and sweet you are, they wont really care. they would love you for who u really are. Good luck on finding that girl!
Reply:why not dear...somegirls actualy want boys with missing theeth only !!!

i know one such girl she live on Mars

go meet her just tel her that i sent u

all the best
Reply:It depends on the girl. If you good looking and have good personality then your cool but I would wonder how you lost a tooth.
Reply:Only the hillbilly girls.
Reply:Yeah! The more the better! What girl DOESN'T like a nice, gummy smile?


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