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I've had three teeth pulled about a year ago.. should I first get braces or can I do bridge?

I went to the dentist today and she insisted that my teeth that I removed about a year ago are starting to shift so I should first get braces and then get implants... of course she's an implant specialist so I thought maybe she just wanted us to use her expensive services.

I never thought about actually getting braces because I didn't think my teeth really needed them.. I asked her if I can just do a bridge now and then get braces after and she said no.. it won't work.. but since I never intended on braces until she mentioned them.. should I just go with implants without doing the braces afterwards? Or even just a bridge now without doing braces afterwards.. I know the teeth next to the missing teeth may have shifted just slightly but wouldnt a bridge now stop it from keep moving out of place? obvoiusly the surrounding teeth won't be perfectly straight but who has perfectly straight teeth anyway?

Can a professional please advise me.. I really can't afford both braces and bridge

I've had three teeth pulled about a year ago.. should I first get braces or can I do bridge?
I have to get a bridge later on in life for my badly chipped teeth, but my dentist recomended that I get braces first so that they can correctly put the bridge on when your teeth are straight. Plus if you dont want the bridge,get braces because if you have chipped teeth they pull them together and make the chip look smaller. But if you just have missing teeth, then get braces becausethey will pull your other teeth together.
Reply:Bridges are really annoying. Food gets caught underneath them, and you have to excuse yourself to clean it out from under the bridge~really inconvenient if your eating fast food in the car. You didn't say whether they were front or back teeth.

Some dentists like to keep you in their chairs in order to fill their pockets. A friend of mine had a lot of her teeth capped, and when he got done with that he announced that he would now like to pull them all and give her false teeth~WTF.


Can bridges on either side of gapped front teeth pulled together by braces prevent the gap from returning?

If a person has only 4 top teeth in front (the two front teeth and the fangs) because the teeth adjacent to the two front teeth genetically never formed (x-rays show nothing there), and so these 4 teeth are spread appart and gapped, can they be fixed with bridges? They were "fixed" 10 yrs. ago with wide caps to fill the gaps, but that looks unnatural. The dentist thinks that the wide gap between the 2 front teeth is caused by the frenum and needs a frenectomy. Can't braces pull the fangs back where they belong and pull the 2 front teeth together? And if the missing tooth between the front one and the fang is added with a bridge (thus needing 2 bridges for 2 sides), wouldn't the bridges keep the gap between the 2 front teeth from reappearing even without an upper labial frenectomy?

Can bridges on either side of gapped front teeth pulled together by braces prevent the gap from returning?
For proper tissue contour and esthetics you would probably want to do the frenectomy, with possibly pre-prosthetic orthodontics.

Dentists do not ordinarily replace fangs, but you can pick up some plastic ones at the Dollar Store.
Reply:You might consider implants in place of the 2 lateral incisors that are missing after the ortho has created the spaces again. This would prevent you from having to crown the 4 virgin teeth that would act as your abutment or anchor teeth for bridges. Check with an oral surgeon to see if you'd have enough bone for implants.

The diastima or gap usually will reocurr if the tissue is too thick between the central incisors. You need the surgery to reduce the tissue.
Reply:Braces can pull apart %26amp; push together.

I had braces for 2 and a half years. And you have to continue wearing your retainer for years to keep them straight.

[I've got the clear retainer, so it's all good]


Will having my fifth tooth from the right cause teeth shifting?

My top front teeth are straight, but I'm wondering if they might shift in the direction of the missing tooth- I don't want to end up with one tooth in the middle!

I'm 21 years of age, and the upper tooth being removed is fifth from the right in a very crowded mouth. A few people have said teeth from the back only move foward, not the front moving to the side.?

Will having my fifth tooth from the right cause teeth shifting?

Reply:I had the same thing done when I was about 17, I am now 29, and no teeth have moved. This is something you need to talk about with your dentist or oral surgeon, as everyone is different.
Reply:Once a permanent tooth is removed, the teeth do shift over time. You could eventually have a implant put in or a bridge to replace the tooth and prevent teeth shifting.


Help bad teeth and very embarressed!?

I have never done any drugs but I have about four missing teeth, luckily they are toward the back. I don't dare to go to a dentist cause I'm so embarressed it looks horrible inside my mouth. where the teeth are missing the spots have gone black. my teeth are always chipping and cracking. no drugs, and I always brush and take care of my mouth???

Help bad teeth and very embarressed!?
it is not your fault. go to the dentist. he is there to correct things. you may be embarassed with friends.. but y dentist
Reply:go to a dentist they can help you
Reply:Go to dentist's asap!!! Dentists never make you embarassed, believe me.

You will suffer from toothache, which is terrible and wat is more, your mouth will smell bad.
Reply:It sounds like you have had a very poor diet for an extended period of time. Your body is lacking calcium and probably other vitamins. If you have had kids that is another reasons why your teeth are in bad shape. Every pregnancy takes away something from a woman that they never get back. Try eating healthier, you need to start taking a multi-vitamin everyday and by all means if you have the money go see the dentist I'm sure they have seen worse!!
Reply:you might not eat proper vitamins which keep them healthy,or you have very fragile teeth and need to go to dentist to help you with them... brushing does not always prevent teeth from any cavities...
Reply:Ok, any dentist has seen worse than yours. If you have insurance than get them fixed if you dont then go to a place like western dental where you can make payments. Theres not much thats more important to your appearance than your teeth its one of the first thing people see when they look at you. I had a chipped front tooth and couldnt even get a job untill I fixed it. By fixing yours you will have much more confidence.
Reply:It takes more than just brushing. A professional will clean your teeth better than you can and they can diagnose other problems. Your teeth may be chipping, cracking, etc due to something beyond your control. I know it's embarrassing because I have been in a situation similar to yours (with my wisdom teeth), but it's better if you take care of it now by seeing a dentist. There are dentists that offer "sleep dentistry" where you are under anesthesia for your visit and they can take care of multiple problems in one visit. This type of dentistry is for people who are scared of dentists, embarrassed, etc. You should look into this.
Reply:Hey pal dont worry and dont feel terrified or embarrased, go visit a dentist coz only he can help u . Think of the beautiful smile u can have later on and dreaming about tht gear up urself 2 visit the dentist.
Reply:Dentists have seen a lot worse than your mouth. At least you brush your teeth. I had that problem. Now, all of my top teeth are gone and the bottom goes tomorrow. Now, that is creepy and my dentist isn't upset with me. YOu probably have some type of chemical imbalance or something is definately wrong with your teeth. Please get to dentist now because things will only get worse. If that happens, you will look like me. I will be without teeth for a few mounths and that is extremely embarrassing; beat that one.
Reply:yeah why don't u go to a dentist it's simple
Reply:The others have given you the best opinion. Go to the dentist. In the meantime let me give you a little advice:

1. Do not consume sodas and other drinks laced with sugar.

2. Do not brush your teeth with tooth paste immediately after a meal especially if you have consumed orange juice, and other acidic foods.

3. Floss every night before going to bed.

4. Brush your teeth immediately after flossing.

5. If you can also gargle with alcohol free mouth wash then u should.

6. Do not eat any sweets, especially toffee that stick to your teeth

7. Eat a small piece of cheese at night after all your meals.


Reply:My teethe are not bad at the front but are bad at the back, i too am embaressed but i went eventually he was good but as with all dentists he loved giving me a lecture about teeth but just go! once you've got sorted you will wish you went sooner. good luck
Reply:Don't worry about going to see the dentist... that is the best thing you can do. Trust me... he or she has probably seen MUCH worse!
Reply:The dentist can make you a partial that will fit where your teeth are missing at.

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What is considered to be "bad teeth"?

Like when a guy says "bad teeth" are a deal breaker? Does that mean missing teeth? snaggle tooth? I just wonder because I have a small space in between my front 2 teeth, and its not that my teeth are missing or anything its just a slight space, i just wondered if this is considered to be "bad teeth"

What is considered to be "bad teeth"?
I guess it's kinda relative. You might not have perfect teeth but I don't think they're bad. Jewel has that snaggle tooth but her teeth aren't that bad. They seem pretty healthy. Bad teeth to me means they're yellow/crooked/big gaps/missing some teeth. If you've gaps where you're missing teeth, you kinda look like a hillbilly and that would probably be a deal breaker.
Reply:I don't think a slight space is considered bad. If they are really crooked ,yellow, or rotten, that's bad.

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How common is it to be missing a wisdom tooth?

I have to get my wisdom teeth out tomorrow... I only have 3 of them, 2 on the bottom and 1 on the top left. I'm missing one on my top right for whatever reason. Just wondering, how common is it to be missing wisdom teeth (naturally)?

How common is it to be missing a wisdom tooth?
Apparently, it's fairly common. I never had any wisdom teeth at all.
Reply:I don't have any wisdom teeth. It isn't that uncommon. It's the next evolutionary step since we have no room for them, humans are genetically phasing them out.
Reply:Very common, and be thankful, that's one less you have to have pulled. Here is a freak of nature story- my neice was missing two on the bottom, my nephew had two extra on the bottom, and they are 4 years apart!
Reply:very common....
Reply:Same as you I have one missing, but on the bottom.

I have only had to have one on the top removed, because it tried to grow in.

I still have 2 left, and I'm 38 !!
Reply:need help finding it?
Reply:your wisdom are going to fall out so it common
Reply:Hi, I'm 46 and I've only got one wisdom tooth. I don't think that it's at all uncommon for people not to get all of their wisdom teeth.
Reply:Yes it is very common to not have wisdom teeth. If you are missing one because it never grew, that is fine. My mom only had two.
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Reply:this is a common thing. some people are born without them some even with 5. but it is in your favor, you only have to get 3 out. no worries!
Reply:It's actually fairly common to be missing one wisdom tooth. I don't have the numbers, but I'd guess that it happens over 10% of the time.
Reply:i only had 3. i only had 2 pulled out tho, coz ive had heaps out from the top so they said id never have a problem with them. :D

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About teeth coming in?

I have 14 month old twins. My sons teeth are normal, but my daughters are coming in wierd. Her bottom two teeth came in first and then the one next to the top two in front. She has never gotten her top two front teeth and now the tooth on the other side of her front two missing teeth is coming in. Should I be worried that her two front teeth are not coming in? Has this happened to anyone else?

About teeth coming in?
I have 10 month old twins, they are doing the exact same thing. The youngest (Marah) has been mommies little vampire for nearly a month now. Shes finely cutting the front two. I took them to the dentist because I was worried about that to and its all normal. The oldest one (Rozalyn) has almost a full mouthful. So It just depends on the baby.
Reply:I've heard of it happening, but if they have teeth, they should be going to the dentist. Ask them when you go, just to be sure. :)
Reply:Take her to the dr. It is probably normal but just to make sure go to the dr.
Reply:the teeth come when they want. if you are really a worried about it then take her to the dentist.
Reply:i have twins and one of mine was exactly the same. sometimes it just takes a while is what the doctor told us. she now has all her teeth with no problems.
Reply:My son's teeth came in like that. first his two bottom front teeth, then the ones on the sides of the two front top teeth. after that his two front ones came in, and then the bottom in the back, with space for two on each side, and then again like that on the top. At this moment the teeth in the missing spots are coming in. It's kinda sporadic, I never really figured it might not be normal, but the doc's always said he was perfectly healthy every thing's as it should be. As long as they don't come in crooked it should be fine.
Reply:My daughters teeth came in all weird like that. She only had two bottom teeth by the time she was 2 and then her bottom sides and finally the top 2. The dentist reassured us that the teeth were there but with only 6 teeth at the age of 3 I was beginning to wonder. She is 4 now and has all 20 of her teeth. I have heard that when they get there teeth late that they have stronger teeth. (I am sure its an old wives tale)

They say by the age of 3 your children should see the dentist. Before that time, take them with you (maybe one at a time) when you go for a cleaning so they can see what happens. Let them sit on your lap and have the dentist look in their mouth.

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