Saturday, July 25, 2009

Would you DATE someone who's MISSING teeth?


Would you DATE someone who's MISSING teeth?
Reply:first of all, HOLA BORICUA! QUE TAL?

second, only if it isn't noticeable like wisdom teeth..
Reply:LMAO beauty is with in
Reply:NO!ewww that be disgusting but if u really like that person hey, go for it but i wouldnt
Reply:Well looks shouldnt matter I a dating someone with only 1 eye and i love him to death, we even have a kid together,
Reply:what is the reason?
Reply:front ones? NO way!
Reply:Hell 2 the NO. I don't want anyone with summer teeth. Ya know, "SOME ARE HERE, SOME ARE THERE!"
Reply:My boyfriend is missing a tooth near the back, and I really don't care...the rest of his smile is pretty straight, and I find him attractive physically and mentally. It really shouldn't matter.
Reply:It all depends..........if the teeth are noticebly missing when they smile
Reply:it seriously depends.

most girls wouldn't look at guy that is missing teeth.

but, if I knew someone that was missing teeth before we dated, and we were friends, I would definately consider dating him. More than likely, he is a great guy if we are friends....I guess I will stop I guess your answer would be: depends on the person :)
Reply:Maybe, depends more on them and what they are like. Some people have great false teeth and at an early age. From a acciden for example and you may not know till later.
Reply:and why not? people without teeth know as much if not more about love or whatever. If the person is cool, again, why not?
Reply:well where r the missing teeth @ e-mail me and i'll tell u
Reply:it might be kind of weird but if i had feelings for the person then i would at leasted go on one date and see how it is he/she could always get fake teeth is it such a big deal
Reply:If she has one tooth you could call her "Can Opener."
Reply:If she has a good protesis, why not.
Reply:Well it sure wouldn't be easy.., but.., if there a great person you'd be missing out on a great thing. Maybe you could buy them some teeth..., are you a dentist ?
Reply:I would say it depends on his personailty,attitude and nature if he is good in everything then i think i can get his teeth fixed.or atleast pay for half of it.
Reply:LET ME SEE ........................................... NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!
Reply:Looks may capture the eye, but its personality that captures the heart. If he/she is a great person with whom you enjoy spending time, why not date them? Judge them for their character and good fortunes, not for their misfortunes. This will lead you into a happy life.
Reply:Yeah sure, if I really like her in other ways. Like if someway my girl friend have to take out a teeth, would I leave her? No way, I'd like her with or with out a simple teeth. If a guy is suffering from hair loss or getting fat, does his girl friend leaves him? No, and the guy shouldn't do that too.
Reply:As long as i dont see em.
Reply:well where im missing a tooth in the back of my mouth becuz i beat up sum guy that was giving my gf **** and he hit me in my jaw but she datres me so most people already do it just depends on where and how many
Reply:Hell to the no unless you cant see it but if its in the front eww


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