Sunday, August 2, 2009

How do i get more teeth?

you had a show that you put stuff on your teeth to make them look like you were missing teeth. well that hurt me i am a person that is missing teeth and i was in front of people when you did that. i was so embarresed. i am trying to fix them but have to choose between teeth or house payment or food for my family. dont know what to do to fix them i have suffered with missing teeth for a long time now. i love your show. but please think of what your saying or doing before you do that again.

How do i get more teeth?
I think you should go to a dentist. I think they're the ones who would be able to give you more teeth, though they may not be real. But they can definitely make them look real.
Reply:no i did not have a show

but i empathize with you
Reply:Try to find a dentist that will work with you in the form of payments, they are out there, just hard to find. Don't give up you will find a dentist who actually cares enough to do this for you!


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