Monday, April 20, 2009

Do you women like guys with missing teeth?

I am a hockey player But I dont have teeth missing at least for now. Do you ladies like guys with teeth missing? Do you find it attractive?

Do you women like guys with missing teeth?
I had a b/f with missing teeth its really not that big of a deal. teeth can be fixed. It%26#039;s whats on the inside that counts.
Reply:hell no would u lik a women with missing teeth
Reply:Uh...if they are missing in the front where people can see them not there, then I would say it is a turn off. However, if the teeth are in the back and can%26#039;t be seen...then I wouldn %26#039;t care...
Reply:i%26#039;ve never gone after a guy with no teeth, i prefer a full set even if they are fake.
Reply:no thats nasty. pleaase put those mouth gaurd things so you dont lose any teeth.
Reply:wea r a helmet pal
Reply:no i think that it is hot when u have perfect teeth and not any missing teeth.
Reply:no it looks eith immature (like a first grader without thier front teeth) or too mature (like an old guy without his dentures). Get veneers.
Reply:Not my thing, thanks.

Make friends with a dentist for future. =)
Reply:teeth are the first thing i look at....and they have to be nice
Reply:NOOO! it%26#039;ll look like the dentist messed up. guys with an awesome smile have front teeth. dont u wear a mouthguard in hockey?
Reply:Women love guys with missing teeth because they know your a scrapper. They know if the **** goes down they can count on you to

defend their honor. A badge of courage if you will. BATTLE SCARS.
Reply:no, so if you do lose any teeth i would suggest getting new teeth.
Reply:hell no, no grown man or woman should be without teeth. when it first come out go to the dentist and try to save it and if not get a denture or particle
Reply:no not really!
Reply:Aww...hell naw....dat is soooooo nasty.

But hey who know, maybe some girl out there might like dat...
Reply:in a word, NO!
Reply:Yeah. Guys who are missing teeth are hot. I also seek out guys who are unemployed felons on ankle monitors. You know the answer to this. Get some freakin%26#039; teeth and have a go at it.
Reply:um, no
Reply:Not really, generally it seems like a sign there is something wrong, like poor hygeine, meth, or fights. The first thing I think is not hockey.

But dental implants have come a long way. If you go pro, save up for the dental work when you retire.

But no, missing teeth don%26#039;t make you look tough, they unfairly make it look like there is something other than sports at play.
Reply:Absolutely NOT.

It is on my top ten list of things to discount a guy on. No teeth--not for me!

And hockey seems like a good excuse---but any respectable guy will get them fixed!

Oh---also, green or black or brown teeth are not allowable either.
Reply:not really, thats the 1st thing i notice. i don%26#039;t prefer to see a guy smile and see holes where his teeth should be
Reply:I used to work with this guy who%26#039;s two front teeth were missing. he had a really strong country accent and always wore a straw cowboy hat. He cracked me up and disgusted me all at the same time. Well after about 2 years of knowing him he had actually grown quite attractive to me. LMAO hate to admit it. Of course he had teeth that he would put in when he wasn%26#039;t working but with or without the teeth the guy could get some ladies. I think it%26#039;s all in how you carry yourself!
Reply:Only if he%26#039;s Johnny Depp. Do gold teeth count as missing teeth?

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